How it works at Choice Points

Different people need different things at different times.  I will work with you to understand and tailor your therapy to your needs to achieve positive results.  Whilst my therapy style is predominantly goal focused, sometimes the things that are holding us back now, are linked to patterns formed in our past, and reflecting on, and understanding these can allow us to make positive change for the future.

Counselling gives you a confidential space to explore what’s holding you back, or causing you pain or upset.  Sometimes it can be a longer-term problem such as anxiety or depression, but sometimes life can throw us a curveball that knocks us sideways and leaves us wondering what direction to go in.  Counselling allows you to build a trusting therapeutic relationship with your counsellor, to explore and understand your feelings and emotions.  Counsellors can also help with what we couldn’t say or feel at the time but can say and feel and understand now.

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