We are all unique individuals, and this shapes the way I work.   Different people need different things at different times, and I sought out a therapy approach that provides flexibility, and is predominantly goal focused, but also allows you to work through any aspects of your past that are holding you back.  

Sometimes a diagnosis or ‘label’ can be helpful, but other times it can be limiting, which is why I like to get to know you as your own person, so our work together can be tailored to your needs.  Some people find that one or two sessions are enough, whilst others prefer to have many more.  Some people visit me every week whilst others prefer a longer gap between sessions.  Some people just want to talk whilst others want to explore strategies or different ways of thinking.  Some people are logical thinkers whilst others are creative – whatever fits best with you is how we’ll work. 

We are all unique individuals with unique stories, and this shapes the way I work with you.